On October 16th, 2020, we provided another diaper distribution for our Head Start families and kids from birth to 5+ years old at our downtown office location. With the challenges that this year has brought including financial insecurity for so many, we know every little bit helps including diapers and pull-ups. By the end of the day, 160 families received diapers, sanitizing wipes, and/or pull-ups as well. 
Only a month ago, we hosted a Back-to-School Rally for Head Start families which also distributed diapers, as well as back-to-school supplies like notebooks, folders, and markers, as well as 2 books for every child thanks to a generous donation from Scholastic, The Scripps Howard Foundation, and WXYZ Channel 7 News-Detroit. News Anchor Carolyn Clifford was there to capture the event for the news as well. Read more here.
Kathryn Polla, the Interim Health and Nutrition Manager for Matrix Human Services Head Start Program, said about the event,
“Today we’re having another Diaper Distribution where we’re providing diapers and pull-ups and wipes to all of our Early Head Start families and our families with young children. And we know that diapers and pull-ups or training pants are important to the health and safety of our children. So if you are interested in becoming one of our families we would love to have you! Please contact us through this website and we will help you complete the application for enrollment.”

View some photos of the day below

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