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Matrix Head Start is an integral part of the community and in the lives of children and families. It is a federally funded, comprehensive program serving low-income children zero to five years of age, special needs children and their families, pregnant teens adults. The focus is on parents in order to empower them to provide for themselves and their families while preparing for the future. We are prepared to meet the challenges and changes faced by the children, families, and community we serve.

The goal of Matrix Head Start is to continually develop collaborative projects to integrate services and more efficiently utilize community resources and funding. The multifaceted program approach, which includes training opportunities and shared facilities, establishes us as an authority in early childhood education and childcare in Detroit.

Our vision is that Matrix Head Start will remain at the forefront of innovative service delivery and a true leader in the community for children and families

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Program Components

Who is Eligible

We are open to all children and families regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, and disability. Early Head Start is available for expectant mothers and children up to age 3 (6 weeks -36 months) and meets federal poverty income guidelines though some exceptions are made. Head Start is open to children who are three (3 years) by December 1st of the current school year and for 5-year old’s who turn 5 after September 1st and meet federal poverty income guidelines though some exceptions are made.


Hours of Operation

    8 am – 3 pm / Monday – Friday

Documents Needed to Apply

  •  Birth Certificate or Proof of Age
  • Proof of Guardianship (if applicable)
  • Income documentation for the last 12 months which can include: Federal 1040, W2, Tax return, SSI
  • Documentation, DHS cash grant, and/or DHS child care reimbursement, Child Support Printout, Pay Stubs, Scholarship/Grants/Student Loan Documentation, Foster Care Statement.
  • Address and telephone from work or school

What services does Matrix Head Start provide?

  • Home-Based Services (weekly 90 minute visits in the home per child)
  • Breakfast, lunch & snacks served
  • Services for children with disabilities
  • Bi-lingual classrooms (English, Spanish, and Arabic)
  • EARLY HEAD START Pregnant Moms Program (ensure prenatal health support and resource services)
  • Individualized services
  • School Readiness
  • Great Start Readiness Program classrooms at selected sites
  • Health and Dental Screenings
  • Family Support
  • Full Nutrition Program
  • Community Resources
  • Parent Engagement Models
    • ASPIRE Matrix
    • Abriendos Puertas (Opening Doors)
    • Parent Training programs
    • Volunteer opportunities









For more information please contact:

An enrollment specialist today.

(313) 285-1905