Erricka is a mother of one, raising her son who will soon be 2 years old and will be attending our Head Start – Pathways location this school year. Erricka currently lives with her mother while she works as a self-employed babysitter, but she has been considering living at a place of her own.

Through her Matrix Human Services Family Advocate, Ms. Cynthia Withers, she learned that we also offer services for adults, including housing resources and financial counseling. Ms. Withers was able to recommend that Erricka apply for housing with a new affordable housing apartment complex, called Peterboro Arms Apartments.

“She (Ms. Withers) gave me the application for Peterboros. And it wasn’t just Peterboros, it was some other ones too, but Peterboros was the only one I got approved for.”

The building has been known for years as the Coalition of Temporary Shelter, or COTS, a shelter for single men, women, and families, along with transitional housing for single adults (male and female). As Transitional Housing was beginning to phase out, it was decided that the building would be transformed into affordable housing, so the building once known to shelter so many will still be aiding with housing. The building has been gutted from top to bottom (13 floors) and reconstructed for apartment living. The Peterboro Arms will offer Project Base Vouchers (PBV) to those who qualify. The apartments are family orientated with many amenities for the residents. The Peterboro Arms is located at 26 Peterboro in Mid Town. It is surrounded by other historical buildings and new businesses and is near main bus lines, Q-line, restaurants, Comerica Park, Little Caesars Arena, and more downtown landmarks.

Read the FOX 2 Detroit story about Peterboro Arms here

Erricka has since been approved to live at Peterboro Arms and is simply waiting to be invited to move in, as Coronavirus has caused some delays. 

Erricka also found help in other ways through Ms. Withers.

“The diaper drive was a lot of help because at the time I was struggling. I’m self employed, so I have to babysit for friends family but at the time I couldn’t do anything. So Ms. Cynthia called to make sure I am OK and told me about a program that gives out free diapers.” 

That program was our Care Package Distribution for Head Start Families which took place in June. You can read more about that story here.

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