Gonzalez, Javier – Balance Manifested

Artist: Javier Gonzalez
Description of piece: Balance Manifested is a depiction of lines woven together to look like a tapestry, however, it is a sculptural painting.
Medium: Mixed media on salvaged wood
Dimensions: 20 1/2” x 11” x 1 3/4”
Market Value: $250


Artist Statement:

As a member of the Detroit Fine Art Breakfast Club, I resonate with the ideas of fostering community and growing in artistic creativity. In my own work, I focus on the use of mixed media from acrylic paint, to piping and sculpting styles, to found materials. I believe in creating visual representations that both empower and inspire my audiences. As a Hamtramck resident, I have learned the value of hard work, close community, and perseverance. I mean my work to remind viewers of the beauty in nature, power, possibility and positivity. My artist philosophy centers on the ideas of helping viewers recognize and value who they are as unique individuals. My art is influenced by nature, the energizing use of bright colors, know-how and discipline of Chanel Couture, and the work of my fellow Detroit artists.

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