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Seeking 70 Teachers, 40 Parent Educator Associates and 17 Building Associate

DETROIT, October 2, 2014 – Matrix Human Services (Matrix), a 108 year nonprofit organization in Detroit is hosting a JOB FAIR ON TUESDAY OCTOBER 7th FROM 7:00 A.M. TO 2:00 P.M. AND WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8th FROM 11 A.M.  TO 7 P.M. AT THE SAMARITAN CENTER LOCATED AT 5555 CONNOR ST. IN DETROIT.  More than 100 full-time positions are available for immediate employment. For more information, job descriptions and qualifications visit

Matrix Head Start is a federally funded, comprehensive program serving low-income children ages zero to five as well as special needs children and their families.  As a trilingual, multicultural program, MHS is sensitive to the cultural differences, strengths and uniqueness of our community and teaches in three languages English, Spanish and Arabic. The multifaceted program approach includes training opportunities, shared facilities, extensive community partnerships and engagements that establish Matrix as an authority in early childhood education and childcare.

“The most important lifelong gift we can give to our children is to provide the support their parents need to move out of poverty.  What differentiates Matrix Head Start and all Matrix programs is our Transition to Success™ platform designed to coordinate all services across our community to improve health and economic self-sufficiency outcomes for children and their families,” said Dr. Marcella Wilson, President and CEO of Matrix Human Services.

The  “Transition to Success™” program coordinates care for basic needs, literacy, getting an education (including GED and higher education for parents), financial literacy and volunteerism and all key components for self-sufficiency for individuals and families living in poverty. Matrix Head Start recently received a $125 Million grant from the Federal Government over the next five years to support this innovative program that includes individualized instruction, multicultural environment, bilingual classrooms (English, Spanish and Arabic), services to children with special needs and events that connect families to resources including food, education and health services throughout the community. Matrix Head Start serves more than 1,900 children and families and is expanding to offer services at 30 locations by 2015 year-round .

“We provide children with shelter, nutrition, education and a support system that branches out to their parents and caretakers.  Children and parents discover purpose by mapping their dreams and creating, with the help of trained professionals, a realistic plan to make those dreams come true,” Wilson continues.

About Matrix Human Services

Matrix Human Services is a Detroit-based nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)3, social service organization offering a range of programs devoted to maintaining and supporting the family unit and improving the quality of life for individuals of all ages. Serving the community for 108 years, our mission is to fight generational poverty. Matrix offers positive life experiences, assistance with basic needs, education and supportive services that defuses crisis, treat individual & family problems, prevent abuse and neglect or criminal activities.  All programs are rooted in the Transition to Success™ Model (TTS™) providing a system of care designed to empower families and individuals to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

To discover more about Matrix Human Services and how you can get involved visit or contact us at (313) 831-1000. For more information on Matrix Head Start or to enroll call 844-4HS-INFOMatrix Head Start: It’s not just for kids!