For National Reading Month in March, we wanted to do something special. So we created #LeadersForReaders – giving anyone the opportunity to volunteer and read to a classroom of kids at one of our Head Start Centers. This allows kids to see a fresh face and further confirms the importance of reading by having adults come in and read to them.
We were grateful to have over 30 volunteers confirm their commitment to read to a classroom during the month of March, one of them being Mike Morse of the Mike Morse Law Firm. 
Kids enjoyed Mike’s playful personality and the high fives. Not only that, Mike brought his own cameraman with him and a week later, they shared this video on their social media. We love it and encourage you to watch 🙂


Of course, later that month, we also quickly shut down our Head Start Centers in response to Coronavirus. Before that however, a handful of other volunteers were able to read to the kids before they all went home to stay safe and healthy.


Some of the other volunteers who had a chance to read to the kids were: philanthropist Christie Scoggin, who donated books to each classroom at our Infinity II Head Start Center, Amy Spitznagel, owner of Idyll Farms, philanthropist Jennifer Granger, Dr. Samit Ghosh, CEO of the Americas at Umlaut, Mary Sheffield, Pro Tem at City Council with City of Detroit Government, Damien Rocchi, CEO of Grand Circus, Andy Gutman, President of the Farbman Group, and more.


Enjoy these pictures below of some of our #LeadersforReaders volunteers. We want to thank all of our volunteers, including those who did not get the chance to read because schools closed. Thank you everyone for reminding children why reading is important. 


Dr. Samit Ghosh

Christie Scoggin

Amy Spitznagel 

Jennifer Granger

Mary Sheffield

Damien Rocchi

CEO of the Americas at Umault

Philanthropist and long time supporter

Owner of Idyll Farms


Pro Tem at City Council with the City of Detroit 

CEO of Grand Circus