On July 1st, we celebrated the end of the school year at our 16 Head Start Centers throughout Detroit! Parents, children, and teachers had the opportunity to see each other once more before summer break and care packages and gift bags were given to families as they drove through the line of decorated cars.


Center Manager of our Head Start Fiore Center, Ashley BradyBaugh, said,

“In times like these we need to be the change we want to see in the world.  By being there for the families through this life that we are not familiar of gives the hope of a bright future for all involved. We are a team and having the end of the year celebration was a way for us to say, see you soon, we love you, stay safe and we are here to help you build your future even when our school doors are closed. We will get through this. All in all, it shows the families that they are not just a name, another student to count or another face, they are a part of our family. The Matrix family.”

We love to see our Head Start kids doing well and hope they enjoy the rest of the summer! To learn more about our Head Start Program or to enroll your child, please visit the link below or call (313) 285-1905.