The following parent letter highlights the amazing difference our Matrix Head Start teachers are making in the lives and futures of thousands of local Detroit children each and every day!

Congratulations to Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Arnold for being recognized for the great work you’re doing!

To Whom it may concern,

I am a parent of a student enrolled in the Matrix Head Start Program-Eastlake Center. This letter is to express my deepest appreciation for the Program in general and for two of your teachers specifically, Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Clark.

I initially met these teachers during a required home visit. Mrs. Arnold’s personality struck me as assertive, confident, and determined while at the same time compassionate. Mrs. Clark’s most prominent traits were caring, focus, detail-oriented, as well as being intuitively empathetic.

It wasn’t long before I recognized the most important aspects of each of their personalities: their eagerness to assure their students have the best opportunity to learn. It did not matter who was right, it only mattered that their young scholars were presented with the most effective techniques for learning. Whenever there came a point where there was a difference of opinion, one would deliberately pause to listen fully and intently to the views of the other. Each time the two educators would find some way to meld their ideas into one effective and comprehensive strategy for the class.

When the school year officially started I had the pleasure of observing these two instructors work their magic. As the year waxed on I watched students who would barely speak above a whisper, when the year began, break out of their shells and become active, assertive participants within the classroom.

These teachers were remarkable as a team and as individuals. The traits and characteristics I observed during the brief home visit displayed themselves in full blossom in the classroom. As far as my daughter was concerned, they were teacher, guide and family member. Each week she would come home eager to show off the new educational miracles she had learned over the week. Family and friends who would engage my child would be amazed at the diverse set of talents, skills, and information she would so comfortably display. I would make certain that everyone knew that my daughter attended a fantastic school and was blessed with two remarkable teachers.

Thank you, Matrix Program-Eastlake Center, for Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Arnold. Thank you as well for allowing me to submit this letter praising two of your stand-out educators.

Sincerely, Rosh and Renita, Parents of Elise

Pictured: Mrs. Arnold & Mrs. Clark, Teachers at our Matrix Head Start – Eastlake Center