Tennent, Laurie – Water Lillies

Artist: Laurie Tennent
Description of piece: Water Lillies was curated from the Naples Botanical Garden, Florida
Medium: Photographic print on paper
Dimensions: 14″ x 11″x 2″
Market Value: $300


About the artist:

Botanicals: Intimate Portraits is a series created by Laurie Tennent, an American photographer known for her distinctive, dramatic images. She is represented by galleries internationally and her work is part of many collections including Detroit Institute of Arts, University of Michigan Museum of Art, The Kresge Foundation, The Mira Goddard Collection of Photography at Ryerson University in Toronto and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris. Tennent’s deep interest in science and biology led her to work with botanists and master gardeners to discover unique species before photographing the plants in her studio. The work is printed large scale, on aluminum, and then can be “planted” back into the gardens as sculptures. Working with botanists and conservationists, Tennent brings attention to unusual specimens and rare endangered species. By creating a multi-sensory traveling exhibit, she pushes the boundaries of what has traditionally been considered part of the botanical illustration genre. The images donated are photographic prints on paper from that botanical portfolio.