Demeulenaere, Carl – Samadhi

Artist: Carl Demeulenaere
Description of piece: This is a meditative, handmade ornament, constructed of 60 squares of imported Italian paper, with a metallic floss tassel and hand-colored glass and metallic headpins, nestled inside a box.
Dimensions: Length 9″ x Diameter 4″
Market Value: $100


Artist statement:

My goal has always been to bring together people from all cultures, religions, genders, and races, whether through my installation work, painting, drawing, jewelry, or paper constructions. While the country struggles to find answers to the COVID-19 pandemonium, I feel that we must always reflect on the common bonds we all share. The news media too often focuses on divisiveness when our attention should be centered on affirming and reaffirming respect for each other as fellow human beings.

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