Drusy Quartz Jewelry Set by Rosemary Summers

Artist: Rosemary Summers
Description of piece: Drusy quartz, Swarovski crystals – necklace, earrings, and cuff set.  Chain on necklace is tarnished proof the metal is silver plated aluminium.
Medium: Jewelry
Market Value: $225


About the artist:

Rose Mary Messenger Summers (b.1952) Surrealist Figurative Color-Field Painter Rose was born in Detroit, Michigan. She was reared by her mother and father along with four siblings. She graduated from Kettering High School in 1971. Rose began her art career in the first grade when she drew a picture of herself and colored it. The teacher was impressed with her work and stapled it to the bulletin board. Rose immediately felt like an Artist. Her dad and mom planted the “You Can Do Anything” seed in her heart early in her life. Rose developed her painting style by drawing on brown paper bags every day. Eventually, by the age of 17 she created her first masterpiece! Influenced by Surrealist Salvador Dali and Artist Charles Bibbs, Rose found her style and loved it. She graduated from Michigan State University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Ecology/Clothing and Textiles. Ironically, she did not pursue an Art curriculum. Rose is basically a self-taught artist that has taken classes at various universities over the years and has shown her Art on WXYZ-TV in Detroit, Michigan, The Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA), The Ann Arbor Art Center, Torch of Wisdom Foundation, Mint Artist Guild, Hannan Center’s Emerge Art Festival, Palmer Park Art Fair, Delta Sigma Theta Art Auction and The Umoja Fine Arts Gallery.

Rose is a social media influencer and promotes her paintings on Facebook, Instagram, and her website; www.rosemarysummers.com. She has acquired numerous Collectors Nationally and locally and is collaborating with The Umoja Fine Arts Gallery in Southfield, Michigan to expand her markets nationally and internationally.