Matrix is known for touching lives and helping the clients that we serve achieve self-sufficiently, but it’s not every day that a volunteer for Matrix shares how their life was changed as well.

Alex Wilson, currently a candidate for Juris Doctor at New England Law in Boston, spent the summer of 2015 volunteering at The Matrix Center where he worked with Ken Brown, Director of The Matrix Center.

In July, Alex sent Ken an email that shared how his time at The Matrix Center had an influence on who he is today. In his own words,

“I am emailing you to thank you again for the opportunity you gave me quite a few summers ago working at matrix and for the letter of recommendation you wrote me for law school. As a quick update I am now attending school at New England Law in Boston. I have currently finished my first year and I am now working at a Probate Law Firm in the metro Detroit area. I just wanted to reach out and give you an update and to thank you again because the summer I worked at matrix definitely made an impact on who I am today.”

While talking with Alex on the phone for this story, he explained how in the summer of 2015 he was looking for an internship or volunteer experience that would look good on his resume, although he wasn’t sure yet what he wanted to pursue in school or career life. After spending the summer at Matrix in a camp-counselor role with kids and young adults in need, he felt he saw another side of life he hadn’t before.

“Coming from a predominantly nice, wealthy area, going to work at Matrix with ya know, a lot of kids who aren’t as well off, unfortunately, really kinda just opened my eyes to what’s going on in today’s society.”

After summer ended and Alex began his junior year of undergrad, he began to consider what he wanted to do after graduation.

“I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do yet, but I think working there made me realize I wanted to do something to ya know, give back to the community.”

Alex eventually decided to go to law school, and now that he is a candidate for Juris Doctor, the highest education available in the field of law, he remembers what sparked his interest.

“It had an impact on me wanting to go to law school because I think law, ya know, has a way, an avenue, to help people, especially less fortunate people.”

Since Alex has chosen a career in law, he is now deciding on what field of law to concentrate on. He is currently considering either working with juveniles, possibly as a court-appointed attorney, or working in health care to help people who can’t afford their medical bills.

Thank you to Alex for sending this email, for the summer you volunteered with us, and for all that you will do in the future.