The Matrix Online High School Diploma Program gives a person of any educational background the opportunity to achieve their high school diploma long after high school ends. A high school diploma is separate from a GED, so graduates will not be distinguished from any other high school graduate. During 2019, a total of 13 graduates completed the ED2GO, Matrix Human Services Online High School Diploma program.  


The program typically takes 18 months to complete, but this year, two graduates completed the program three-times faster, in six months. Some graduates, like Consuela Mitchell, were inspired by family to achieve their own diploma and desired to prove to themselves and family that anyone can do it. 




“I found the program through my daughter-in-law… 2 weeks after her getting into the program, I got into the program, because I wanted to get my education. My last child is my daughter, and she’s 18 and I wanted to graduate before or after she did, so I can teach my kids and my grand-kids, no matter how old you is, you can still graduate.” – Consuela Mitchell.




At this final graduation of the year on November 8th, 2019, Matrix Human Services Career Coach Ron Norwood left the graduates with inspiring words. 


“I wanna leave something with you all, how many people have looked something up in Websters Dictionary, right? And when you look up words, you’re generally trying to find the definition or meaning of something, and I want you guys to find your own meaning… I want every last one of you guys to figure out your life that you want to define and how you want to go about living that dream. What starts here, isn’t the end for you guys. It’s just the beginning of a new journey. New doors are gonna open up for you guys. New opportunities are gonna be available for you, but, you gotta take advantage of those opportunities. You gotta define what it is that you want for yourself after today.


Consuela also explained how being able to take the classes online made it possible for her to complete the classes and achieve her diploma.



“It was more easy for me to be at home because I got a big family and we got health issues in our family so, I wanted to make sure that I was still there for them… and it was easy for me to do it on the computer,” Consuela laughed. “Instead of being in front of a lot of people. I’m very like, shy in front of a lot of people, so it was more easy for me to be at home.”




Consuela added,


“It was hard at first but I loved it. The coaches I had, they helped me out real good… They helped me out through the whole process because I had health issues so it was easier for me to get the help from them.”


Now Consuela is planning to be a career coach to help people find their own path. Learn more about the ED2GO, Matrix Human Services Online High School Diploma program.