In early September we spoke to Elaine whose refrigerator had gone out 2 weeks before. After being referred by DTE Energy to contact The Matrix Center, that is where she learned more about our Adult Resource Center program by talking to Matrix Center Director, Mr. Ken Brown.
“DTE referred me to a couple places, Salvation Army, and THAW and Matrix. I remember Matrix from years ago but I didn’t know they had this or I would have called a long time ago when the refrigerator went out.”
When Elane explained her situation to Mr. Brown, she wasn’t sure what the process would entail, but he explained that she need only fill out some paperwork for DTE’s Refrigerator Replacement Program and the fridge would soon be replaced.
“My son, he lives two doors down, so I kinda filled up his freezer… Because I only get $15 in food stamps so you have to go and do what you got to do to survive.”
Elaine has now received her fridge after going without for exactly 1 month and is very grateful.
“It’s working out good… It finally came here that night. It’s working lovely… My sons says, ‘well God Mom you got a new refrigerator but where’s the food?’. I said ‘well it’s down at your house, it’s at the neighbors house, I just haven’t collected it all yet.”

If you know anyone in need of emergency assistance, please let them know we can help. You can learn more about our Adult Assistance Programs at, just choose the ‘Adult Services’ option.