On November 3rd, 2020, The Matrix Center on the East side of Detroit once again hosted voters as a polling place at Gratiot and E. McNichols (13560 E. McNichols rd). During Coronavirus, many voters had already cast absentee ballots and voted by mail or drop boxes. However, before The Matrix Center doors could open for voting on Tuesday, there was already a line of about 30 people waiting to vote. They were lined up at the location where voting took place during the last election, at our attached church entrance, and were then moved to our gym where voting took place this year. 


Larry at The Matrix Center shared why he voted,

“I think because our lives depend on it. I think if we want change, we need to look toward the future and vote for it.”

We are proud to be a polling place on the East Side of Detroit at The Matrix Center. It was exciting to see so many voters come through our doors including many first-time voters who received a round of applause as well.

Thank you to every volunteer and voter for making a difference.