DETROIT, February 17, 2016 – Quincy Jones, Executive Director of ONA and partner with Matrix Human Services will serve on the Sustaining Neighborhoods Panel as a Champion of Revitalization in the City of Detroit at the Policy Conference to be held February 24, 2016 at the Motor City Casino Hotel.  This session will highlight various efforts that are in place to uplift and change local communities providing residents with greater opportunity and a better quality of life.

ONA is proud to be a part of the Detroit Policy Conference representing the Osborn neighborhood and Matrix Human Services. We have been archiving the happenings of this NE Detroit neighborhood documenting our past, present, and future of the ever-changing neighborhood landscape. In doing so, we cover the people, places and events that bring this neighborhood to life

Quincy Jones

Executive Director, ONA

Osborn Neighborhood Alliance (ONA) is a neighborhood organization that works to organize the communities of Detroit’s northeast side.  They are a team of service and government organizations, schools, churches, businesses, and residents who are dedicated to community pride! Their goal is to maintain a high quality of life where citizens can work, play, shop and live in Osborn! With funding from supporters like the Skillman foundation, who has supported ONA for the past ten years, ONA will continue to focus on the safety, health and education of families we serve.

We are excited to partner with ONA on various community efforts to educate children, support families and rebuild neighborhoods.  This partnership is a win-win for all.  We are proud of the efforts of ONA and look forward to continuing to make needed change.

Brad Coulter

President and CEO, Matrix Human Services

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, best-selling author and Detroit native, David Maraniss will deliver the keynote address. Other panelists for this session include Tom Goddeeris, Executive Director, Grandmont Rosedale Development Corp, Luther Keith, Executive Director, ARISE Detroit and Kristen McDonald, Vice President, Program and Policy, The Skillman Foundation. To register for the conference or to learn more about the Detroit Policy Conference visit

CONTACT 313.831.1000 Ext. 1135

LaTrice Jordan

Vice President, Marketing & Development, Matrix Human Services, Email


About Matrix Human Services

Matrix Human Services is a Detroit-based, $40M, tax-exempt, 501(c)3, social service organization offering a range of programs devoted to maintaining and supporting the family unit and improving the quality of life for individuals of all ages. At Matrix Human Services we’re educating children, supporting families and rebuilding neighborhoods in Detroit.  Operating in more than 40 Detroit locations, Matrix provides services to more than 25,000 individuals and families annually. In addition, Matrix operates the largest federally funded Head Start program in the city of Detroit serving more than 1,900 children. Our nationally recognized ASPIRE Matrix (formerly Transition to Success™) system of wrap around care is changing lives!