Silvia may not appear to be your average grandma considering she is still in her fifties, but nevertheless, Silvia graduated from the Matrix Manufacturing Boot Camp with her grandson Mario on Friday, July 12th at The Matrix Center alongside more than ten other graduates.

“I came into the Matrix looking for some information – I’m always picking up information and literature and reading it. So I saw literature on the boot camp so I decided to inquire and I told my grandson about it.”


Little did Silvia know what a difference that would make for Mario.

“He was willing to come and get into the boot camp because he wasn’t doing anything and didn’t have a lot of confidence in himself, but by me being his grandma encouraging him to come too, to get involved, and getting something done with his life. He came out and he’s very good at math and different things like that. So he has now gotten a job by being in the Boot Camp Program and he’s looking forward to it. He starts tomorrow.”


There is no doubt that having his grandmother’s encouragement and support to go to The Matrix Manufacturing Boot Camp and complete the free 6-week training together, propelled Mario in the direction he is in now with a new job in manufacturing.

Silvia also benefited from the boot camp herself.

“And I’m interested because I learned a lot of new things and also, I’m at a job fair right now just inquiring about different jobs and learning different information but I’m very interested in employment.”


Unfortunately, Silvia had to come out of retirement to pay for a debt within the family that she originally co-signed, not expecting to be left with that financial burden years later.

“I have to go back to work… to pay off other people’s debts. So my motto is pay before you play. And leave (other) people’s debt alone, handle your own.”


With Silvia’s motivation and her new Manufacturing Boot Camp training and certifications, she is in a better place to start that process.