Thanks to the Ford Motor Company Fund, a new Smart Bench was just installed in front of The Matrix Center complete with free Wi-Fi and phone charging stations powered by solar panels! Come see for yourself at 13560 E. McNichols rd., Detroit, on the corner of Gratiot and McNichols. We are excited to see people take advantage of this free resource with the opportunity to learn more about Matrix while they are there! Thank you Ford Fund for making a difference!

“We’re proud to offer resources and opportunities that can strengthen communities and help make people’s lives better,” said Farah Harb of Ford Motor Company Fund. “Staying connected is more important than ever during this difficult time of COVID-19.”

Linda Garrison, Director of Volunteer Services for Matrix Human Services, said,

“Ford selected The Matrix Center as one of 5 locations throughout the city to recieve a solar bench that allows people to charge their devices and access the internet with Wi-Fi and it’s free! We hope to see this resource used by anyone passing by, waiting for the bus, or visiting to learn more about Matrix. Considering that The Matrix Center resides in one of Detroit’s most impoverished areas, we are pleased that this smart bench can be yet another resource we can offer and perhaps get more people in our doors to take advantage of the multitude of programs we offer adults and families.”

See some photos below