Not everyone’s journey through high school is the same and Oneissa simply didn’t enjoy hers. “I just didn’t like going,” Oneissa said with a laugh.

At the time she just wasn’t focused on school and didn’t receive her high school diploma. But as time went on, she was having trouble finding a job and after having her first child, she decided it was time for a change.

“So I was just scrolling through Facebook one day and I saw my Mom’s close friend said she was in school getting her high school diploma… So I asked her, how are you getting yours? I need to get mine,” said Oneissa.

“She let me know that she was on the online school through the Matrix Center, so I came up (there) two days later. Mr. Tracy signed me right up and we went from there.”

After achieving her high school diploma, Oneissa is now laser focused on her goals to become a social worker and wants to help kids who came from a bad environment, to get out. Currently, she has plans to start school for social work in September.

Although she is currently working at a call center to make ends meet, she already has her Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate and just needs CPR certification to be a Head Start teacher.

Oneissa may only be turning 25 this August, but she has some words or wisdom for those who may have missed their first opportunity to get their high school diploma, like she did.

“Go on back to school, it’s a good thing. I couldn’t find a good job because I didn’t have my high school diploma. I had my daughter and after that, it was just, I have to go back and get it so I could provide for my daughter. I wanted better. I wanted more.”

Oneissa is definitely on track to do that now!

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