2017 #MatrixMission breakfast raises funds to assist families across Detroit reach success!

To the sponsors, event attendees and hundreds of donors involved in our 2017 Matrix Mission Breakfast fundraiser, we can not thank you enough for your generosity, by investing in our mission you’ve directly impacted the thousands of children and families we...

12K expected to come out to celebrate the 15th Annual Ferndale Blues & Music Festival benefiting local charities Jan. 29th through Feb. 6th 2016

15th Annual BUD LIGHT Ferndale Blues & Music Festival begins on Friday January 29th with 40 individual concerts and events in at least 14 venues over nine days, through February 6th. Concerts are held in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, stores, community centers and other locations across the city.

The annual music festival is held to raise money for two local charities- Ferndale Youth Assistance and MAC Health of Matrix Human Services. Volunteers make the event successful, helping to raise money at concerts through donations. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED.