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Free early childhood, special needs & preschool education for ages 0-5 including young children, pregnant women and families at 24+ Detroit locations. Matrix Head Start partners with the Great Start Readiness Program to provide full-day programming to four-year old students at select locations.

Visit MatrixHeadStart.org to learn more.

Matrix Human Services is Educating Children, Supporting Families and Rebuilding Neighborhoods in Detroit.

Matrix offers a strong hand up… not just a hand out, through programs at more than 35 locations designed to meet the diverse needs of the local Detroit community.

Matrix programs encompass early childhood, homeless youth, youth & families in crisis, community programs, events, senior services, HIV/AIDS support and include the largest  Head Start program in Detroit serving more than 1,900 children.

Matrix Human Services is home to ASPIRE Matrix – Adults, Students, Parents, Inspiring Radical Empowerment: ASPIRE!

Serving as connective tissue to all programs and services, ASPIRE Matrix coordinates care for basic needs, learning to read, getting an education (GED), financial literacy and volunteerism, a core component of ASPIRE Matrix.

All Matrix programs are rooted in the ASPIRE Matrix system of care – designed to move individuals and families out of poverty to a life of economic self‐sufficiency.

We're on a mission to revitalize Detroit.


Your tax deductible investment will be used to help feed a hungry child, provide someone with an education, give a child the comfort of sleeping in a warm bed, provide clothing, food and shelter to those in need or assist a senior citizen forced to choose between medication and food.

Matrix programs are impacting lives. We offer programming at more than 35 locations and have served the city of Detroit and surrounding areas for more than 110 years. With help from supporters like you, we continue our work, Educating Children, Supporting Families and Rebuilding Neighborhoods in Detroit.