ASPIRE MATRIX is the foundation of all Matrix programs. Adults, Students & Parents Inspiring Radical EmpowermentASPIRE

The ASPIRE Matrix system of care is designed to transition individuals and families out of poverty to a life of economic self-sufficiency.

ASPIRE Matrix, a quality improvement of Matrix’s Transition to Success™, is a model of care that supports individuals and families on a path to self-sufficiency. 

ASPIRE uses comprehensive case management and a systematic approach to address the impacts of poverty.  Matrix staff advocate for the dynamic needs of the metropolitan Detroit community and empowers individuals to enhance the quality of their lives.

The model incorporates a holistic, 19 domain assessment to understand the family’s strengths and needs. To service those needs, ASPIRE promotes a culture of collaborative, integrated services, both internally at Matrix and across the Detroit community, by utilizing the Care Network. This network is designed to enhance and streamline accessible resources, creating a local safety net of community services. ASPIRE Matrix incorporates the “Warm Hand-Off” referral process when collaborating for case planning to ensure that services are received.

As a strength based, person centered approach to case planning, we then encourage individuals to ask, what is their aspiration? Who do they aspire to be? We support them on that journey with the “Navigating Your Future” plan, collaborating with additional community partners and providing resources along the way.

We rely on data analysis to ensure quality service delivery and support ongoing process improvement.

With nearly $1.2 trillion dollars being spent on services for the poor annually, we believe that all social services organizations must integrate care and implement long-term solutions like ASPIRE Matrix. 

ASPIRE Matrix addresses immediate basic needs of food, healthcare and shelter, then plots long term goals leading to financial stability and improved health.

  • ASPIRE Matrix is embedded into every Matrix Human Services program with nearly 80% of all staff trained. 80% 80%

Every Matrix Program is rooted in our ASPIRE Matrix Model.

This system of care is designed to transition individuals and families out of poverty to a life of economic self-sufficiency, discovering their purpose and finding their place in the community.