Surprise Matrix Head Start Donor Challenges Supporters with Match Campaign

Legacy of Kim Stykemain lives on in “Kim Cares” Head Start Match Campaign

Through the generosity of a surprise donor, Matrix Human Services Head Start, Detroit’s largest Head Start provider, announced the “Kim Cares” Head Start Match campaign.

Kim Cares will match donations, dollar for dollar, up to $20,000, until Jan. 30, 2019. Money raised by the campaign will fund new resources, tools and training for Matrix Head Start’s Disability department, which provides special support for children who face additional developmental and psychological challenges, plus on-going support for children, individuals and families in need of support throughout Matrix Human Services.

Kim Cares preserves the legacy Kim Stykemain, who dedicated much of her life and money to charity. When cancer aggressively took hold – ultimately causing her untimely death on Jan. 30, 2018, at age 53 – she dedicated a portion of her estate to help educate those in need and reinforce her belief that we should all work to be more caring.

Attorney Bill Seikaly, a close family friend and financial overseer for Stykemain, said “Kim was a spiritual person who taught people what human beings should be. She saw the best in everyone and believed in ‘giving Jesus his fair share.’ She loved children and would have loved the Head Start Program offered by Matrix Head Start.”

Stykemain understood the importance of providing support to children with special needs, she became quadriplegic in a swimming pool accident at the age of 16. “Kim never let her disability hold her back, “ said Seikaly. “She was innovative, self-sufficient and always positive. She knew how care and concern for others could create the opportunity to shine.”

Matrix Head Start’s Disability department works with teachers and parents to identify and provide resources to children who may need special support. This includes an initial meeting with parents to explain the observations made about their children, detail resources available upon referral and provide the parents with the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with trained professionals.

The Disability staff members also go into classrooms to coach teachers on strategies for working with children who have disabilities or special needs. This coaching provides teachers with tools to best support the child’s inclusion in the classroom, in the daily routine and lesson plans, as well as the position the teachers to guide the children in developing the social and emotional skills necessary to be good learners.


Through the incredible support of Kim Cares, up to $20,000 in donations will be matched dollar for dollar between now and January 30th, 2019.

Please consider sending a meaningful gift to help us provide the supportive wrap-around care needed to move families from poverty and crisis situations into lives of stability, self-sufficiency and hope.