REPORTS TO: Assistant Director, Birth to 5 Program 

SUPERVISES: Assistant Education Managers 

FLSA: Exempt 


The Education Manager ensures developmentally appropriate, high-quality preschool, infant, and toddler services are provided for children and their families that promote children’s cognitive, social, and emotional growth for later success in school. Ensure a research-based curriculum, and screening and assessment procedures are in place to support individualization and growth in the area of development described in the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework: Ages Birth to Five. Support family engagement in learning and development. 


  • Bachelor’s degree or advanced degree in Early Childhood Education, or Bachelor’s or advanced degree and equivalent coursework in ECE 
  • Master’s degree preferred 
  • Three years teaching experience in early education 
  • Ability to work effectively with minimal daily supervision and guidance 
  • Strong working knowledge of Head Start Program Performance Standards and Michigan Childcare Licensing Regulations 
  • Effective in an environment of cultural diversity; comfortable in a collaborative, team-based work setting 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 
  • Reliable transportation is required 
  • Able to compile and analyze data to make effective recommendations and decisions 
  • Effective at problem-solving, attentive to detail, organized, able to prioritize between multiple tasks, flexible with changing priorities 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • Receive and maintain CLASS certification 
  • Receive and maintain PQA reliability 
  • Knowledge of Adult Learning styles 


  • Oversee the implementation of curriculum to fidelity 
  • Assist with recruitment, interviewing, and hiring of qualified teachers 
  • Oversee the planning and organizing of field trips 
  • Oversee the ordering of classroom equipment, supplies, and materials; monitor inventory 
  • Oversee strategies and practices to support successful transitions for children and their families between program options and/or public school 
  • Oversee transition workshops for parents and the community 
  • Oversee collaboration with local education agencies to support family engagement 
  • Establish, implement, and enforce a system of health and safety practices that ensure children are kept safe at all times; collaborate with facilities in the implementation of safety policies and procedures 
  • Ensure child-level assessment data is aggregated and analyzed at least three times a year; prepare and provide this report for management and governance 
  • Lead the School Readiness committee and ensure meetings at least three times per year; compile and maintain a School Readiness report 
  • Coordinate and perform CLASS observations with all reliable observers at least two times per year 
  • Oversee and monitor teacher home visits and parent-teacher conferences 
  • Collaborate with Assistant Education Managers to review data from Practice-Based Coaching activities and review coaching plans based on this data 
  • Access the T/TA system for support and connect with the regional office program specialist as necessary 
  • Maintain adequate safeguards for the privacy and confidentiality of information. 
  • Complete required documentation of relevant activities and submit records and reports in a timely and accurate manner 
  • Stay abreast of current issues and trends by participation in grantee-sponsored training, center pre-service, and in-service training, and other continuing education, career, and professional development opportunities; read and review regulations and other resources 
  • Participate in and contribute to case management, parent education planning, supervisory, management team, and staff meetings as assigned. Also, attend interagency meetings, the agency’s board meetings, Parent Committee and Policy Committee meetings, and other meetings, as appropriate 
  • Regularly review policies and procedures; revise and/or create policies and procedures as necessary 
  • Gather data through ongoing monitoring, analyze for corrective and preventive actions, write and present reports, participate in annual Self-Assessment, and use outputs to inform planning and decisions 
  • Perform other duties as assigned 


Works in a normal office environment with the usual pressures of managing personnel and dealing with time constraints. Because of multiple sites within the department and the need to meet with others within the community, it is common to drive to several locations, sometimes in inclement weather. 


  • All staff will use data to help achieve program goals; apply techniques and strategies that promote a culture of learning; identify and address gaps that continuously improve our programs 
  • All personnel of Matrix must adhere to the NASW Code of Ethics and incorporate Continuous Quality Improvement efforts into their everyday performance 
  • All Head Start employees must adhere to the federal regulations and requirements for Head Start operations including the Program Performance Standards, licensing regulations, and the NAEYC Code of Conduct 
  • Demonstrate and actively promote an understanding and commitment to the mission and values of Matrix Human Services 

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