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Adult Services at the Matrix Center 

The Matrix Center is closed. But the department will be operational. The staff office numbers below will be redirected to staff working remotely. Services offered include workforce development, financial education, resources, online high school education. We are encouraging clients to call in as opposed to coming to the facility. Our staff will be calling clients to do check-ups and encourage new clients to call in utilize this time work on resumes, credit and other needs essentials.

COVID Vaccine Update

Walk-Ins Welcome. Schedule Appointment:

Call 313-230-0505

M-F 9 AM - 6 PM

  • There is no cost for the vaccine.
  • Pfizer vaccines are offered for those 12-17 years old
  • Walk-Ins are welcomed at all City sites.
  • Transportation and wheelchair-accessible accommodations are available if needed.
    • Anyone needing a ride to get a COVID-19 vaccine shot will be able to get a free trip from the ride-sharing companies Lyft and Uber
  • For adults 18+ Any form of ID is acceptable. Under 17 years of age will not need proof of identification.
  • Parents or guardians must accompany children ages 12-17 to their appointment and must sign a consent form.
  • Find locations by texting your address to (313) 217-3732
  • Vaccines are offered at pop-up events, pharmacies, and other areas in Detroit.

Click here for more information 

Senior Services at the Matrix Center

We understand that seniors are among the most vulnerable to be affected by COVID-19, which makes leaving the house for any reason even more concerning. If you know of anyone 55+ who needs to leave the house while maintaining social distancing (avoiding public transit), we provide no cost rides that are safe & reliable for trips to doctor appointments, grocery stores, and more. Just give us a call to schedule a ride at (313) 526-4000 ext. 1230


Matrix has assisted older adults in maintaining healthy, active and whole lives for more than 6 decades.

The Center for Seniors helps our senior population maintain healthy, enjoyable and independent lives. Comprehensive services include assistance with transportation to medical appointments, home care services to help support clients remain living in their own homes, and helping our older population remain active with a range of programs at Detroit recreational centers.

Services and programs that help achieve these goals include:
• Personal home care services
(cleaning, cooking, laundering and more)
• Free community recreation activities
Including water-chair aerobics, community luncheons, health fairs, field trips and more.
• Low cost non-emergency medical transportation

Maximize Your Downtime with Proper Financial Budgeting

We will be delivering virtual financial education classes providing our workbooks online for download. We will also continue to provide 1:1 coaching that includes free credit report monitoring and support via video chatting, phone appointments, text messaging services, and email. As always, we will continue to guide our clients regarding financial and housing emergencies, late payments, other resources during the crisis. We can help walk people through the process. Check out our website for more information  call 313-526-4000 Ext 1411.

Manage Your Finances During this Difficult Time

With massive layoffs, many will need assistance in navigating how to access resources that can make these easier for you. Matrix is assisting with helping clients delay bill payments, counseling, and referral programs for emergency services, such as housing, food, and healthcare. Plus, assistance with tax prep/EITC. Check out our website for more information call 313-526-4000 Ext 1411.


Services and support designed to assist clients in reaching their personal economic upward mobility goals.

Services within this Center include:
• One-on-one financial coaching and counseling
• Free credit reports and FICO scores
• Financial capabilities classes
• Tax Prep Assistance (during tax time only)


Community Job Leads

Many have been laid off, and we know this moment is scary and challenging. During this time of economic instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are here to assist anyone in need of finding work and securing employment. Our employer partners are still looking for a qualified workforce, and many are still hiring. We equip clients with job readiness skills and training so that they are prepared for any opportunity that comes their way. 


The ability to secure and maintain gainful employment is at the heart of social and economic mobility.

Services available through this Center include:
• Soft skills training
• One-on-one career coaching and counseling
• Resume, cover letter and job search assistance
• Employment resources and referrals

Are you a SNAP recipient not receiving cash benefits from MDHHS and seeking employment?

Would you like to know if you qualify to become a SNAP recipient?

Matrix Human Services can answer all your questions and assist you with your application. Whether you want to put in a new application, get recertified, or have questions we are here to help. Listed below are just some of the supportive services we can help you with if you qualify to become a SNAP recipient and fully participant in Matrix Human Services programs to become gainfully employed.


  • Work clothes
  • Job Search clothes
  • Course registration fee
  • Drug and fingerprint testing
  • TB test or physical required for employment
  • Training materials, textbooks, and supplies
  • Housing assistance (rent and utilities only)

SNAP Program

The ability to secure and maintain gainful employment is at the heart of social and economic mobility.


Many agencies and organizations provide vital services to assist a person moving from poverty to self-sufficiency. Our Resources Center was designed to connect clients with available resources to help address their needs.

Services available for this Center include:
• Assistance locating untapped community resources
• Connections to FREE resources
(energy efficient light bulbs, refrigerators and more)


Designed to help those in the community without a high school diploma or GED achieve those accomplishments.

Services available through this Center include:
• 100% Online High School Diploma Program
• Education resources and referrals
• Learn more and enroll here.


Housing is a basic essential need. Our Housing Center assists the community in trying to meet this need.

Services and programs within this Center include:

• Low cost affordable housing options

• Housing resources and referrals