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Yard Porter

Nov 7, 2019 | Community Job Leads



$11.00 per hour including time and half for all shifts worked over 40 hours


☑ Release impounds at the request of office staff
☑ Retrieve registration, insurance etc. from impounded vehicles per request of the office
☑ Escorting vehicle owner only to their vehicle per office staff request to retrieve items out of their vehicles or to view only (following office staff instructions)
☑ Escorting insurance adjusters to view vehicles
☑ Park, take pictures & turn in impound cards to the office for incoming impounds when drivers are busy.
☑ Clean & sweep floors in room one & two
☑ Empty all cans in room one & two with assistance of other yard staff
☑ Clean all debris in the impound yard in aisle ways & between cars
☑ Wash tow trucks in & out if needed (wash brush must be signed out & in from office)
☑ Clean resale vehicles in & out (if requested)
☑ Inventory impounded vehicles as needed
☑ Assist setting up auctions as needed
☑ Remove snow (in winter)
Qualifications include:
☑ Must be at least 21 years old
☑ Must be available days, weekends and holidays
☑ Must have a valid driver’s license
☑ Must pass driver’s license history check
☑ Must have valid Driver’s License
☑ Must be able to pass a drug test and background check

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