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Matrix Monday Community Job Leads – October 26th – Ramp Agent, Production Associate, Assembly Process Technician

Oct 26, 2020 | Community Job Leads


Security Officers 

Salary: $10.00 – $17.00 HR. 

Locations: Detroit, MI and Southeastern, MI 

 Must undergo state required background check             Must have reliable transportation 

 Must have valid driver’s license                                          Must be able to pass a drug test 

 Possess a high school diploma or GED                               Resume needed   

Specific Duties and Essential Functions: 

Perform security patrols of designated areas on foot or in a vehicle. 

Watch for irregular or unusual conditions that may create security concerns or safety hazards. 

Sound alarms or call police or fire department in case of fire or presence of unauthorized persons. 

Warn violators of rule infractions, such as loitering, smoking, or carrying forbidden articles. 

Permit authorized persons to enter property and monitors entrances and exits. 

Observe departing personnel to protect against theft of company property and ensure that authorized removal of property is conducted within appropriate client requirements. 

Investigate and prepare reports on accidents, incidents, and suspicious activities. 

Provide assistance to aid customers, employees, and visitors courteously and professionally. 

Requires the use of a personal cell phone for scheduling/timekeeping and GPS applications. 

Be able to walk for long periods of time, have eyesight with corrective glasses of at least 20/40, have normal hearing and have a well-proportioned height to weight ratio.   

Any employee may at any time be required to take a physical examination as a condition of continued employment or be drug tested for cause in the event of incident/accident at a job site 

Skills Required: 

Ability to operate radio or telephone equipment and/or console monitors 

Ability to interact cordially and communicate with the public 

Effective oral and written communication skills 

Ability to assess and evaluate situations effectively 

Ability to identify critical issues quickly and accurately 



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Ramp Agent 

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport 

Romulus, MI 

Salary: $12.00 

 Must be able to pass a background check                  Flight discounts 

 Full Benefit Package                                                        Must be able to pass a drug test 

 Reliable transportation/valid driver’s license             Resume needed  

 Able to work outside on a daily basis                 Able to lift up to 70 lbs. daily 

Position Details: Under the supervision of the lead agent and/or supervisor on duty, Ramp Agents are responsible for marshalling aircraft in and out of the gate, loading, unloading and sorting freight, mail and baggage in a safe manner while also achieving on-time departures and arrivals. Ramp Agents may also be responsible for servicing aircraft lavatories, cleaning aircraft, restocking items, deicing and other duties as delegated. 

Job Requirements: 

 Performs wing walker duties to protect the aircraft wing from equipment in the path of pushback and maintains visual contact with the pushback driver to alert the driver of any danger 

 Maintains safety and security of the ramp at all times and complies with safety procedures and station policies 

 Reads and verifies the city and flight number for every bag to ensure correct loading of customer bags 

 Communicates with Operations, Flight Crew personnel and other ground personnel concerning arrival/departure information in a professional manner 

 Services aircraft as needed to include cleaning lavatories and cabin and restocking items 

 May work in the baggage make-up area and prioritize baggage load for delivery to the proper aircraft for loading  



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Production Associate 

Plymouth, MI 

Salary: $15.50 

 Must be able to pass a background check         Completion of Secondary School required 

 Full Benefit Package                                               Must be able to pass a drug test 

 Reliable transportation/valid driver’s license    Resume needed  

 Aptitude for working with numbers            Manual dexterity 

Position Details:  

Assembles minor units with a small number of details within routine and highly repetitive assembly operations while following standardized work instructions 

Works within manufacturing environment either at workstation or conveyor performing manual job tasks with or without the assistance of automated equipment 

Checks quality, sorts, packages, labels, and/or trims parts as needed 

Assembles products while adhering to safety, quality, and productivity objectives 

Use of various hand and power tools 

May work alone or as part of a team environment 

Make suggestions for continuous improvement 

Complete operator pre-shift inspection checklist 

Ensure the workstation is kept orderly in a clean and safe manner 

Flexible, able to work various shifts and overtime when required 

Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned 

Work Environment  

Physical Demands – Normal amount of sitting and standing; Ability to move around an office environment and on the production floor.  Ability to work at a computer workstation; Ability to bend, twist, lift, reach.  Required to carry out job duties and responsibilities in a work environment that may include, but is not limited to, varying levels of noise and/or temperature. Ability to lift max. 50lbs periodically. 



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Assembly Process Technician (1st Shift) 

Plymouth, MI 

Salary: 3- $22.29  

· Must be able to pass a background check         · Completion of Secondary School required 

·Full Benefit Package                                                · Must be able to pass a drug test 

· Reliable transportation/valid driver’s license    · Resume needed  

· Aptitude for working with numbers                 · Manual dexterity 

Position Details:  

Responsible for the daily activities of the technical aspects of the processes to ensure that a controlled process is being run and that overall safety practices are being followed.  

· Communicate with prior shift Process Technician to understand all process related issues. 

· Review and sign all communications at beginning of shift (i.e. What’s New Board, Quality Alerts, etc.)  

· Ensure that proper start-up, shut-down, and troubleshooting procedures are being followed · Support Continuous Improvement by suggesting longer term processing solutions that will reduce costs by way of improved scrap rates and optimized efficiency  

· Ensure all processes are running to baseline and that any changes are properly evaluated and documented with the appropriate change form.  

· Work with Supervisors to understand focus areas for processing efforts 

· Interact with Quality Group, as necessary, to understand the acceptable level of part quality · Assist Engineering Group to develop baseline programs  

· Assist Engineering Group with trials and improvement opportunities 

· Monitor tool cleanliness and ensure tool cleaning is conducted as required  

· Preventative maintenance program for all processing equipment is performed on established timelines  

· Ensure housekeeping standards are maintained  

· Ensure compliance to all Health & Safety legislation and Environmental laws where applicable  

· Implement and drive Autosystems TPS system   



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