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Matrix Community Job Leads – April 30th

Apr 30, 2020 | Community Job Leads


Medical Cannabis Dispensary 

Budtenders and Delivery Drivers 


 Must be able to pass a background check     ☑ Valid driver’s license  

 Resume needed for all positions                      Will drive company vehicle 

 Budtenders $15.00 HR.                                     Delivery Drivers $13.00 HR. 


Job Description: 


 Experience encouraged in customer service 

 Engaging in frequent face-to-face interaction with our customers 

 Must be able to maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with customers 

Delivery Drivers 

We are looking for Delivery Drivers to join our team to ensure that patients and customers are being delivered their order on time and in good condition. 


CONTACTNakole White
Career Coach 




Healthcare Positions 

Full-Time and Part-Time 
Salary: Based upon skill level and year of experience 


 Must be able to pass a background check     ☑ Flexible Schedules 

 Benefit Package                                               Must be able to pass a drug test 

☑ Employee Bonuses                                           Resume needed for all positions 

 Overtime Pay                                                    Mileage Reimbursement 

 Valid driver’s license                                         Reliable transportation 

 Experience is necessary (family experience is considered)  


Job Description 

 We are looking for exceptional, qualified candidates to care for our clients in their home or facilities. We have a range of opportunities from companionship to more specialized care. 



CONTACTRonald Norwood
Career Coach 

Workforce Development Program
13560 E McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI 48205