ASPIRE Matrix - Formerly Matrix Human Services Transition to Success


the foundation of all Matrix programs

ASPIRE Matrix, an updated version of Matrix’s Transition to Success™ model, is a demonstrated standard of care that addresses poverty as a treatable condition not a character flaw. ASPIRE Matrix achieves the ultimate goal of designing a systematic approach to addressing the social determinants and impacts of poverty.

ASPIRE Matrix is a standardized care model that integrates a system of care across health care, human services, education, faith based organizations and government programs.

Our staff advocates for and serves the most vulnerable in the metropolitan Detroit community and empowers individuals and families to enhance the quality of their lives.

ASPIRE Matrix takes a multi-generational approach, cohesively working with children and families, to coordinate care for basic needs, education (including GED and higher education), financial literacy and volunteerism; all key components for self-sufficiency. Utilizing the “Navigating Your Future” component, our system supports the families’ aspirations with a focus on eradicating poverty of the mind, body and spirit.

  • ASPIRE Matrix is embedded into every Matrix Human Services program with nearly 80% of all staff trained. 80%

With nearly $1.2 trillion dollars being spent on services for the poor annually, we believe that all social services organizations must integrate care and implement long-term solutions like ASPIRE Matrix. 

Every Matrix Program is rooted in our ASPIRE Matrix Model. This system of care is designed to transition individuals and families out of poverty to a life of economic self-sufficiency, discovering their purpose and finding their place in the community.

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